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I am a Consultant in Westerville, OH and my specialty is ASP.Net and SQL Server. Prior to my current position, I was an application developer for an interactive marketing firm in Lima, OH for 5+ years.

I have been doing web development for a while. To give perspective, my first website was done on a 486sx and hosted on a free plan with Angelfire that offered a staggering 200K of space. I started doing Classic ASP in 2000 when I landed my first freelance job during college to build an E-Commerce site for a local auctioneer.

Started doing .Net back in late 2002 when as an about to graduate senior in college. At the time I was a FreeBSD junkie but it was there was an IT recession and I was promised a job if I ramped up on .Net and became fluent with the IBuySpy portal that Microsoft released as a sample for .Net 1. The job ended up falling through due to the tech recession at the time but through this exposure I discovered the Rainbow Portal Open Source .Net CMS which was an open source spin off of IBuySpy project and ended up being a contributor to the project from 2003-mid 2007 when the project pretty much lost its momentum due to breaking changes in the .Net framework and a dispute that split up the core dev team.

My passion is application development but in a previous life I was also a part time DBA responsible for database design and data migration. While I would not put myself in the same league as the DBAs we have at my current job, I have tackled some pretty challenging data migrations with both DTS and SSIS.

Most recently, in November of 2009 I started using ASP.Net MVC. I was instantly a huge fan of MVC and my affection has grown since then. Having done WebForms for so long I was pretty much able to do anything I wanted but the power and testability in MVC quickly made it my preferred way of doing

My current position as a Consultant with Quick Solutions involves developing solutions using Test Driven Development and Agile methodologies which is far and away the best way I have ever seen to develop software.

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