Codemash 2012 Recap & Pictures - 1/14/2012

First off, I would like to express my gratitude to

  • the volunteers who put forth hundreds of hours to organize Codemash. I cannot begin to imagine the challenges and headaches of organizing an event like CodeMash and somehow you guys pull it off with flawless execution every single year. Kudos.
  • the sponsors who make CodeMash possible(and also give out cool free stuff)
  • The presenters and the attendees
  • the pigs that committed themselves so that we could enjoy bacon
  • the chickens involvement in providing eggs for breakfast

Below are photos I took at Codemash 2012 including misc event photos, pictures of humorous Tweets on the large screen, a few presentations and the Pecha Kucha talks. If you are in one of these photos and want the high-res image, I have NEF/RAW and jpg

Misc CodeMash Images

This Is Why You Shouldn't Put Tweets on the Big Screen

Pecha Kucha

Scott Hanselman - Dealing with Information Overload

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