Getting Started with the Telerik MVC Extensions - 2/12/2012

A review of my experience using the Telerik MVC Extensions on several real world projects and instructions for integrating the Telerik MVC Extensions into your ASP.Net MVC project.

Codemash 2012 Recap & Pictures - 1/14/2012

Codemash Recap and Event Photos from Codemash 2012 including misc event photos, pictures of humorous Tweets on the large screen, a few presentations and the Pecha Kucha talks

Findlay Area .Net Users Group(FANUG) - Improving Software Quality with Continuous Integration, and An Introduction to FluentMigrator - 9/28/2011

Slide decks from my presentation at the Findlay .Net Users Group, 09/27/2011

MVC3 Unobtrusive Validation With MVC Contrib - 8/14/2011

Validation was a weakness of MVC until MVC3 came out with unobtrusive validation support. However, to get this feature you had to use the Microsoft provided MVC helpers. This article shows how to add the MVC3 unobtrusive validation to the MVC Contrib controls

Automating SSRS Report Deployment for CI - 7/10/2011

I am a big fan of automating as much as possible, especially when it comes to deployment and QA. One of the items I recently looked at automating is report deployment for SSRS. After doing some research I found the common solutions were all broken or missing key pieces. However, upon further research, I discovered a semi-hidden gem within SSRS.

Conditional Validation with jQuery Validate - 3/21/2011

Validation rules for a page are not always static. Sometimes, we only want to validate a field or set of fields if a checkbox is checked, if a panel is visible or if a certain item is selected in a drop down list. This article covers how to dynamically change the validation rules of a form using client code.

Bin Deploying MVC3 - 2/20/2011

I recently upgraded this site to MVC3. My hosting provider allows full trust but does not have the MVC framework(s) installed so I have to bin deploy all necessary DLLs as many would in production environments. Much to my surprise, I had to deploy DLLs I've not even heard of.

Tips for Faster ASP.Net Debugging - 1/15/2011

As developers, one of the most time consuming things we do is debug our code. Some developers might actually spend more time debugging than writing code. In this blog I wanted to share a few features and techniques that maybe you either did not know or do not use that may save you considerable time.

Implementing OpenId Authentication for a ASP.Net MVC2 site using DotNetOpenAuth - 11/26/2010

OpenId is an excellent standard that has dramatically improved the user experience on the web allowing users to obtain personalized access to websites without creating an account on every site they visit. Trusted by some of the most popular websites on the internet such as Stack Overflow, DotNetOpenAuth is a powerful library that takes the pain out of implementing OpenId.

How To Write Testable Code - 11/5/2010

Test Driven Development is great if you know how to do it right. Unfortunately many of the tutorials and training resources available skip right over how to write testable code because being samples they tend to not involve the typical layers you find in real code where you have services layers, data layers, etc. Inevitably when you go to test your code that does have these dependencies, the tests are very slow, difficult to write and often break as the underlying dependencies return results other than expected.

Understanding ASP.Net MVC Routing and the Model Binder - 9/23/2010

I have been doing ASP.Net MVC for a while now compared to many and one of the largest areas of fascination when I see people first experience MVC is just how clever and powerful the MVC model binder is. Today I caught myself bragging about how great the model binder is yet during this conversation I realized I didn’t really fully understand the magic going on behind the scenes.

Unsweetening the LINQ Syntactic Sugar - 9/21/2010

Of all the features built into the .Net framework, LINQ is probably my single favorite. However, sometimes the "syntactic sugar" that LINQ produces can be quite bitter when you get a runtime error and you start trying to decipher some cryptic stack trace where the line causing a problem looks something like "MyNamespace.MyClass._Closure$__111._Lambda$__97". Recently a colleage of mine shared a neat idea/tip on how to make sense out of these errors.

Securing A Website using Windows Live Web Authentication SDK - 9/18/2010

Unfortunately my web host(DiscountASP) wants $10/month for SSL even if I provide my own certificate(like a cheap one from GoDaddy). Their explanation is that getting IP addresses from ARIN is now more expensive. Whatever the reason, for a personal site, $10 for SSL is too much to pay. Instead of seeing this as a problem, I saw it as an opportunity to use Windows Live ID authentication(aka Passport)

New Website Launched - 8/23/2010

My old website is a perfect example of the costs of "Technical Debt". I am an IT consultant, I do websites for a living, yet for my personal blog up until recently I took the cheap & easy route. My site was hosted with Webhost4life because they were cheap, I was using an out of the box blog engine(SubText) because it was easy, it was only a matter of time before cheap & easy caught up with me

HTML 5 Is Not Smart - 5/23/2010

As we all learned the hard way with the Netscape vs IE wars of past, web standards are a good thing. Standards produce better results for end users and save money for those paying for development. Unfortunately, the lessons learned recently have been forgotten with the creation of the HTML 5 specification. This goal completely fails the SMART test. SMART goals should be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely.

Is There A Future For Linq2SQL - 3/25/2010

Back in 2008 the ADO.Net team announced that moving forward new feature development would be focused towards the Entity Framework solution and not towards Linq2SQL. Given this kind of announcement you would expect developers to be abandoning the use of Linq2SQL. However, 2 years later in Scott Hanselman's poll of what tools developers are currently using Linq2Sql was twice as popular with developers. Is there a future for Linq2SQL?